Chef Aldo

In a culinary career spanning four decades, Chef Aldo el Sharif has cooked not only in the United States, including New York City before Houston, but Milan and other parts of Italy, Monte Carlo, Athens, Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, London and Cairo.

With a mother from Sicily and a father from Egypt, Aldo has carried two of history’s most richly colored birthrights through his illustrious career. Italian cooking is the flavor of his youth, all generosity and authenticity. Yet the fabled Egypt of the pharaohs lives within him as well.

For more than nine years, Chef Aldo expressed this complexity at the restaurant that attracted Houston’s rich and famous, Aldo’s Dining con Amore. Seven years after closing that Aldo’s, the chef has reinvented himself for a reinvented age at Aldo’s Cucina Italiana in The Woodlands.


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